5 reasons why collagen is the magic ingredient in your daily routine

“Feel good. Do good.” This is the mission of the leading brand of collagen Natural BUBS, who donates 10% of their profits to charity and seeks to positively impact lives with high quality supplements, with collagen being their most passionate goal. After collagen supplements dramatically improved their physical well-being more than they ever thought possible, founders Sean Lake and TJ Ferrera were inspired to present its benefits to everyone they knew. And while they can go on and on about the positive impact it has on the body, here are the top five reasons to follow a collagen diet ASAP! Best Collagen Products Why Collagen Is Essential

1 | Protects joints + supports bone health

If you experience joint pain, you will be relieved. Studies have shown that a constant supply of collagen can reduce joint pain and bone breakdown. For good reason, collagen is one of the main elements of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones, providing them with elasticity and structure. Lexie Sandvig, Marketing Manager for Natural BUBS, remembers the almost instantaneous changes: “When I first started exercising after giving birth, I had pain in my hips and knees that I had never felt before. It has been recommended to double my daily dose of collagen; I felt a drastic improvement in eight to ten days.

Best collagen products

2 | Strengthens hair + nails

Strengthening your body inside and out, collagen plays a role in increasing the strength of hair and nails! Collagen is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, and amino acids, which are the building blocks of strong nails. You will also find collagen in many hair products as it plays a role in hair growth and increases hair shine. External application, however, does not allow the hair to properly absorb the benefits it has to offer, so opt for increasing collagen supply from the inside to see maximum benefits. The Fountain of Youth Formula, a BUBBLES favorite, is a blend of collagen and biotin that will even ask your hairdresser to reveal your secrets to you.

3 | Promotes heart health

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At this point, are you even surprised that collagen also plays a role in promoting heart health? The blood vessels in the body largely depend on collagen for their shape, which is why when we start to age, the blood vessels in the face have a reduced production of collagen, causing wrinkles. Aging does not spare any blood vessel, which is why the vascular system is also affected. Taking your daily dose of collagen helps strengthen the weak and fragile arteries associated with aging and maintains blood flow to and from your heart, thus helping to prevent dangerous heart disease.

Why collagen is essential

4 | Strengthens muscles

Not inherently a protein supplement, collagen contains many of the amino acids found in other muscle building powders like creatine, ultimately contributing to muscle growth. It may be particularly beneficial in improving the effects of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass that accompanies aging. For athletes, collagen can help build muscle mass, improve overall performance, and speed up muscle recovery time. Research also suggests that it helps stimulate muscle growth after exercise, a bonus of extra rest time! Although not considered a complete protein, athletes can benefit greatly from a consistent collagen diet.

Best collagen products

5 | Encourages digestive health (+ reduces inflammation)

Your digestive tract is no exception when it comes to collagen’s expertise in improving connective tissue. It helps maintain a healthy stomach lining, preventing what is called a “leaky gut” which causes gas, bloating, cramps, and food sensitivities. An unhealthy digestive tract also does not allow your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your diet, which Sandvig is well aware of. “For me, gut health is the unspoken hero of the benefits of collagen. A healthy gut allows you to digest well and absorb all the other nutrients that you put into your body.

Why collagen is essential

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