Collagen 101: Top 10 Things to Know

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I started seeing Dr Ron Herring at Opelika in early spring for the shoulder pain I was having. Dr Herring has been a chiropractor and has been caring for our community since 1981. He started helping my husband years ago and I thought he could help me too.

I have been running since I was a teenager and like every day walking, the impact over time wreaks havoc on my joints. As helpful as Dr Herring was in restoring my shoulder, he also gave me knowledge along the way about daily health and body care.

Dr Herring once asked me, ‘Have you heard of collagen? To which I replied: “I have heard about it, but tell me about it”.

He started telling me about joint health and collagen loss after I was 40. And since I turned 40 last year it was worth digging into it for the sake of it, good body I have.

I did a little survey for you dear readers. One that started with the wise words of Dr Herring and one that I hope you will bring into your daily life to help take care of your one and only good body.

Here are my top 10 on collagen and why it’s important to know it.

1. Collagen is a protein and helps support skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

2. Collagen is also found in blood vessels, as well as in the cornea and teeth.

3. Collagen comes from the Greek word “kolla” which means glue. It is this “glue” factor that maintains healthy joints and good skin elasticity.

4. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, as well as lower quality collagen, which makes the joints less stable and the skin becomes wrinkled and aged.

5. Loss of collagen results in loss of tissue structure and our whole body is made up of tissue.

6. Certain lifestyle behaviors destroy collagen, such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, and excessive consumption of sugar or refined carbohydrates.

7. At some point, it is best to replenish our collagen to maintain the overall health of our bodily systems.

8. The best way to replenish collagen is to take supplements.

9. Collagen supplements can come in pill, powder (mix into drinks or food), or drink form.

10. Choosing a collagen supplement helps maintain healthy, younger looking skin and keeps joints strong, flexible and eventually pain free.

Once I learned all of this new information, I started taking a collagen supplement daily. I have the powder form that I add to my coffee or oatmeal, and I have a drink form that I can also take on a daily basis.

I quickly realized that I was focused on the visual aspects of aging and not on the inside. If we don’t take care of our body from the inside out, then the outside won’t be of much help to us.

Maintaining our health today is so important. I hope to continue this series to inspire you to watch your body during this fall and winter COVID season.

Where is your health and what can you change today to take better care of yourself?

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