DERMALA® is the probiotic solution for your acne FOBO (fear of breaking out)

Do you have FOBO (fear of bursting)? I think we all have FOBO sometimes. Fortunately, DERMALA® provides a simple and effective solution to your acne (and your FOBO). DERMALA is the only personalized and continuously optimized acne treatment system powered by your microbiome to cure acne and improve skin health. Thus, it gives your skin exactly what it needs! It starts with a skin quiz that will give you all the information you need to order your personalized #FOBO® Kit, which arrives every month and consistently brings results. They even have an app that tracks your progress and updates your skin care routine, and also sell individual products in addition to the custom #FOBO kit.

# FOBO® Kit (Fear of breaking out), Personalized Acne Treatment System ($ 59.99)

The #FOBO kit includes oral supplement, cleanser, clinically validated topical acne treatment and pimple patches to target rashes. Together, these products target both your skin and your gut microbiomes to balance your skin by killing off bad bacteria and strengthening the good ones. Many acne treatments destroy your microbiome, which only makes the problem worse as you become more vulnerable to the bad bacteria that cause acne. Fortunately, DERMALA makes your healthier microbiome giving you the right combination of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, perfectly personalized to fit you.

dermala acne supplements

SUPPLEMEANT to Be®, Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix ($ 31.99)

The oral supplement helps balance the bacteria in your gut with prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, zinc and antioxidants specially formulated to treat your acne and lighten your skin. They even reduce inflammation throughout the body and improve your immune system!

dermal acne treatment

SCANTILY Pad®, AM / PM Acne Treatment ($ 29.99)

This topical leave-in treatment contains everything you need to fight acne: a combination of salicylic acid, aloe vera and a patented SE Microbiome Complex®. This special microbiome complex is formulated with unique topical prebiotics and postbiotics that combat C. acnes, the bad bacteria that cause acne, while strengthening the skin’s protective microbiome. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and opens clogged pores, and aloe vera soothes the skin and calms inflammation. SCANTILY Pad Acne Treatment has been shown in clinical trials to outperform other acne treatments currently on the market.

acne dermala cleanser

CLEAN with benefits, AM / PM cleanser ($ 17.99)

This acne cleanser contains the same SE Microbiome Complex® as the SCANTILY Pad acne treatment. The SE Microbiome complex is associated with vitamins (such as provitamin B5) and amino acids (such as arginine and proline). These ingredients hydrate the skin, produce collagen, reduce redness, and fight dreaded acne bacteria, while improving elasticity and smoothing the skin.

dermala pimples patches

Patch Me (if You Can) ®, Targeted Pimple Patches ($ 9.99)

These hydrocolloid patches are the answer to pesky pimples that appear overnight. They basically suck up oil and pus (ew) and speed up healing. They’re also incredibly useful if you’re a pimple popper… we’ve all been guilty at some point. It prevents the spread of bacteria and protects against UVB rays.

Your skin care routine should be as unique as you are, so that you can show off your extraordinary beauty. You can leave your FOBO in the past forever with DERMALAis personalized, powered by the microbiome skin care kit!

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