DSM and Novozymes Seek to Increase Amino Acid Digestibility in Poultry Diets

The partners reported on how they pioneered food protease technology 10 years ago with the launch of the first generation ProAct, which they say has become the market standard for improving the digestibility of amino acids in foods. Food for animals.

“The need for protease-based solutions is greater than ever today, as animal protein producers face a volatile market characterized by high prices for protein meals and a slow recovery in the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. . “

ProAct 360 will initially be launched in Latin American markets.

The scope of the current launch is defined by the regulatory aspect, with LATAM countries being the first to grant registration for the use of this protease technology in animal feed. Other geographies will follow in the months and years to come, as more registrations are granted by local regulatory agencies ”,commented a spokesperson for DSM.

DSM and Novozymes said ProAct 360 offers more consistent improvements in growth performance over ProAct CT, as well as improved matrix values ​​for key amino acids and faster action.

“ProAct 360 hydrolyzes proteins faster than the existing product. In addition, it is a more powerful molecule, with a wide specificity, working on a wide range of food raw materials. A Sfericase protease, from a sequence point of view, it is unlike anything else on the market. It has been thoroughly tested both in vitro and in vivo, and selected as the best candidate among millions of proteases”, Said the representative of DSM to this publication.

More than 35 in vivo tests covering both performance and digestibility were conducted prior to LATAM’s market launch, as well as in the United States and Europe, she added.

Reduction of crude protein content

As ProAct 360 improves amino acid digestibility, it helps optimize poultry diets and reduce crude protein (CP) content without negatively impacting animal performance, the team originally said. of technology.

Protease’s value proposition also goes beyond the product itself to include end-to-end digital services, ranging from raw material analysis to a sustainability calculator.

“DSM wishes to bring more added value around protease technology to its customers. ProAct 360 thus offers access to a digital “one-stop-shop” platform containing the NIR analysis, a calculator / product simulator concerning the positive contribution of ProAct 360 in terms of matrix values ​​and sustainability KPIs as well as analysis of feed assays to quantify recovery of enzymes after granulation.

“The ultimate goal of these integrated and interconnected services is to ensure better decision making on behalf of our customers in terms of feed formulation and use of protease technology. “

The DSM and Novozymes alliance is also exploring the application of this “next generation” protease technology in pigs.

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