Parents launch a pre and probiotic snack bar start-up

Guka Tavberidze and Tatia Loladze became the co-founders of the “So Perf” health food and drink brand after struggling to find gut-healthy snacks for their youngest son.

The father of two explains: “Our son Daniel was born four years ago and soon after he was born he had severe immune problems and was getting sick all the time. When he started going to nursery, we started noticing behavioral issues as well as regular constipation.

“When we spoke to nutritionists and doctors, we were told he was exhibiting ‘leaky gut’ symptoms, which meant he was not getting enough nutrients from the foods he was eating.

“We found that poor gut health develops from a build-up of negative bacteria often caused by consuming processed foods and sugar.”

Parents were advised to ensure Daniel was consuming 30 different plant foods per week as well as pro and prebiotic supplements, and to cut sugar and gluten from his diet.

“Converting to a gluten-free diet is difficult because you end up removing a lot of fiber in the process, which is the opposite of what we wanted to do to improve Daniel’s gut health. The other difficulty is that many gluten-free foods on the market are very high in sugar, ” adds Tavberidze.

“We realized that it would be especially difficult to find snacks that weren’t highly processed or high in sugar or gluten, so we started making our own cold-pressed bars loaded with plants and superfoods. “

Soon after they started making the bars for their sons, that word spread and they started doing more for their friends, family, neighbors and others, and they realized that ‘they had a popular product.

They launched the bars commercially under the “So Perf” brand in May of this year with a range of two bars for adults and two for children.

The bars claim to support the gut microbiome, immune system, and skin health, stabilize blood sugar levels, and provide a plant-based source of protein, vitamin C, fiber, and omega-3s.

Ingredients include: cashews, oats, flax seeds, cocoa, chicory root fiber, coconut, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, inulin and the probiotic Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086. Kids bars do not contain nuts.

The snack bars for adults contain up to 15g of fiber, 5.8g of protein and less than 4.7g of sugar, while the children’s range provides less than 8.6g of sugar and up to 7.2 g of fiber.

Tavberidze points out that the dietary fiber content is important since the total recommended intake of dietary fiber is 25-30g for adults and 20-25g for children.

“A lot of the ‘healthy’ snack bars on the market are still loaded with sugar because of their high date content or because of the use of ingredients that have been injected with sugar.

“We choose the purest, highest quality ingredients we can find, which creates naturally delicious and healthy bars.”

The bars are currently sold only online, but the founders hope to introduce them to supermarkets across the UK soon and expand the range of bars to harness other popular functional ingredients, such as collagen.

The So Perf brand also includes a line of cold-pressed fruit juices offering pure ingredients with no added “bad guys”.

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