The best hair vitamins and supplements to support growth and strength


It’s no surprise that in the midst of a global pandemic, our attention has shifted to personal health. From fortifying our immune systems to our hair and skin, the personal care revolution has triggered a huge surge in the supplement market as we research alternative ways to make sure we are getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need. our body needs it.

As we move from the life of confinement to returning to our busy, active lifestyles, we want to look and feel our best. Hair vitamins are among the most sought after products right now, with research on Boots increasing by over 1000%.

Whether you are looking to add length, volume, or to counteract hair loss, these supplements are packed with protein and peptides that can benefit your strands as well as your skin and nails.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons; genetics, hormones, bad habits or a side effect of another disease. Stress can also have a profound effect on your hair and the health of your scalp – it causes our bodies to release high levels of cortisol, a hormone that increases sebum production and alters the scalp environment. Top Trichologist Stephanie Sey explains, “Increased levels of stress can lead to excessive hair loss known as telogen effluvium. During times of stress, your hair may be shocked from the growing phase to the resting phase, causing it to fall out a few months later.

She adds, “Processed foods like fast food and convenience foods are generally high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats as well as chemical additives. These foods usually contain very few nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hair is the very last system in your body to receive nutrients (as it is one of the least essential), so if your body is not receiving adequate nutrients, your hair will likely be affected.

Creating a good hair routine that includes supplements to replace these lost nutrients can do wonders in maintaining healthy hair. Look for ingredients like biotin, folic acid, vitamins A, C, D, and E. With so many brands making wild claims, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

We’ve dug deep into the billion dollar market to find the vitamins and hair supplements worth incorporating into your diet.

Viviscal Hair Growth Program 60 Tablets

Taking Viviscal for three to six months will have a noticeable effect on the length and thickness of your strands. This is not a quick fix, so don’t expect to see a hair transformation overnight, but you will start to see the difference in your hair. It becomes brighter, thicker and appears denser. This is possible thanks to a mixture of nutrients, minerals and proteins that are the subject of clinical research. Zinc maintains the health of your hair, while biotin derived from vitamin B promotes growth. AminoMar C is a marine derivative to support the natural development of your proteins and strengthen each strand. Finally, the supplement also contains iron to support the creation of red blood cells and the immune system.


JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula – 60 Capsules

Founded by clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel, there’s a reason everyone is talking about JSHealth. Anti Hair Growth Hair Loss Supplement has been scientifically proven to restore life and shine to your hair. With zinc and iodine encapsulated in the daily supplement, combine it with your breakfast to fortify your strands and give it more volume. Iodine goes to work to make thyroid hormones for hair growth, while zinc is a powerhouse for healthy hair as well as skin and nails. It’s completely vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. You will also be surprised by the boost of energy it gives you.


Stemgro Trichology Daily Hair Growth Supplements 30 Capsules

Newly launched by Holland & Barrett, Stemgro is a natural herbal range designed to stimulate hair growth and promote follicle regeneration. It combines the key ingredient of biotin with zinc, selenium, bamboo extract, nettle leaf, and vitamins B3, B6 and C to ensure its effectiveness. In clinical trials conducted by the brand, the supplements have been shown to reduce hair loss by 89% and increase density by over 50%. Take one capsule per day to maximize the blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts.

Holland & Barrett

Hair gain GROWTH

When it comes to your supplements, you want a product that works and that’s where Hair Gain comes in. The product features a powerful ingredient known as AnaGain which has been extensively and rigorously tested where it has been shown in a clinical trial to increase hair growth. by 78 percent and a whopping 86 percent of users have noticed a positive change in the condition of their locks. Enriched with the brand’s proprietary AnaGain as well as biotin and zinc, the supplement works to encourage growth at the cell and follicle level and leaves you with long, shiny locks. The product is vegan and vegetarian and has a recommended daily dose of two capsules.

Hair gain

NaturesPlus BioAdvanced Hair Skin Nails

Having thicker, fuller, and sturdier hair shouldn’t be too much of a request, so introduce NaturesPlus’ herbal, nutrient-dense supplement into your diet for the long, strong locks you’ve always wanted. The formula contains biotin, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, MSM, and vitamins A, C and E to not only give you the hair of your dreams, but also the skin and nails. Combining some of the most researched ingredients in skin and hair care, it was designed based on clinical research and scientific findings and remains vegan and natural.


Hair, Skin and Nails Capsules

You may have already set your hair, skincare, and makeup routine, but as we’ve been told from childhood, true beauty comes from within, so whatever you put into your body can affect you. By incorporating this multivitamin into your routine, you can maintain the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Composed of vitamin C, zinc, biotin and selenium, it will stimulate the creation of collagen, prevent oxidative stress, and give your fingers and hair the nutrients they need to strengthen and grow. After about a month, you will notice that your nails are less brittle and your hair looks shinier.


Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex Hair Nutrition Formula x 90

At Philip Kinglsey, trichology is his bread and best. You may already have the brand’s Hero Elasticizer Hair Mask in your rotation to rehydrate and strengthen strands, but these supplements will take it to the next level by combining 60 years of expertise and drawing inspiration from prescriptions of its own. tricholic clinics. Vitamin nutrients are made up of biotin, iron, copper, pantothenic acid, selenium, L-lysine and vitamins C, B12 and D3 to target the quality and condition of your strands. Take two capsules per day – with breakfast and lunch – to minimize hair loss and promote thickness and shine.

Philippe kingsley

Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Hair – 60 Tablets

This three-in-one supplement takes your hair, skin, and nails to improve their condition and health. The Twice Daily Dietary Supplement brings together a carefully curated selection of micronutrients; selenium, niacin or vitamin B3 as it is also called, zinc, iodine, vitamin C and of course biotin. These ingredients work together to boost collagen function, support your strands, and strengthen brittle nails. Consistency is the key, so stick with the supplements to maximize the results.


HUM Nutrition Soft Hair Hair (60 capsules)

There is something about a candy that makes sticking to a daily dose much easier. Without water, take two berry hearts every day and marvel at your cool hair. The combination of ingredients has been clinically proven where each is meticulously tested to ensure efficacy, purity and potency. It contains biotin, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12, PABA which has been shown to maintain natural hair color and Fo-Ti, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine for fortify and maintain the shine of the hair. Fragility, breakage and loss, let’s go!


CENTER. Tender Love and Hair Supplement (60 capsules)

After personally suffering from stress-related hair loss, Founder Laura Tudor made it her mission to create products that will stimulate hair growth, while being natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The herbal formula contains bamboo extract for shine, biotin for growth, strength and glow, aloe vera, amino acids, zinc, iron and vitamin C – all with restorative effects and to encourage your body to better absorb the nutrients on their own. Just take one or two capsules a day after meals.


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