10 of the best collagen supplements worth taking

Collagen, one of the building blocks of healthy skin (along with hair, nails, and bones), plays a key role in creating plump, healthy, and supple skin. But like all good things, it does come to an end, and as you get older – starting in your mid-twenties – the body has a harder time producing, resulting in a loss of elasticity, firmness and radiance. “We cannot prevent [the loss of collagen], but we can slow it down ”, explains the plastic surgeon Dr Benji Dhillon. Yes, applying vitamin C and SPF is important, but experts now agree that taking a collagen supplement might help, too.

Is collagen worth taking?

In short, yes. Taken daily, clinical trials have shown that a collagen supplement has the ability to slow the body’s breakdown of its own collagen. In fact, the marine collagen in Beauty Pie Super Collagen Powder reduced it by 31%. “With daily ingestion at an effective dose, you can expect to see plumper, more dewy skin,” says Kay Ali, official nutritionist at beauty pie. It may also promote the production of hyaluronic acid through an “ability to stimulate HAS2 receptors in the dermis,” which means the skin will appear more hydrated as well. The older we get, the greater our collagen depletion, which suggests that supplements are a great idea after 40.

For a long time, however, the jury was out, and some skin experts are still not convinced by their effectiveness. But it seems that over the past couple of years, as more innovative formulations have become available, many agree that they are worth taking, and not only for the skin, but also for the hair and nails. That said, not all are created equal: “I’m a big fan of beverage options, like Skinade,” says Dr. Dhillon. “The brand has a lot of clinical research showing great results, which is why I believe in it. In many cases with other products, consuming collagen simply means that the collagen is broken down by the body’s digestive processes.

Which form of collagen is the most effective?

“A collagen supplement provides different types of collagen protein when taken daily, in powder, gel, drink, capsule or tablet form,” says Ali. “While 28 different types have been identified, type 1 collagen is most commonly found in skin, bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments, vascular ligation and organs. It is usually extracted from marine, pig or bovine sources.

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How to choose a collagen supplement?

Ali would like to point out that many collagen supplements on the market do not provide the amount of collagen needed to slow down its breakdown in the body: “Ten grams is the average amount required,” she says, stressing that it is important to ‘buy hydrolyzed collagen formulas because they can be absorbed efficiently by our digestive system and can get to where they need to be.

Is it good to take collagen every day?

Yes, it must be taken daily for good results. Make sure to follow the directions on your collagen product.

The best collagen supplements to try right now

Vida Glow Original Natural Marine Collagen Supplement

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