Ajinomoto Launches Lifestyle App With Personalized Health And Diet Recommendations

Called aminostep, the app was developed in conjunction with MedPeer, a Japanese online community site for healthcare professionals such as doctors and pharmacists to share research and cases.

The app encourages users to walk and accumulate their step count, collecting “Amino Miles” which can be redeemed for Amazon gift certificates.

The app contains quizzes and quizzes which also allow users to earn “Amino Miles” by participating.

The type of quizzes on the app include general food culture, on amino acids, on its AminoIndex drug test, and even an aminostep app feedback form.

The AminoIndex Risk Screening (AIRS) test is a blood test to screen for and assess the risk of diseases such as cancer, brain, heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline. It is based on the concept that the concentration of amino acids in the blood changes in response to disease.

For the aminostep application, it allows users to store their AIRS test results and, based on this, provides advice on the recommended diet and physical activities for an individual.

The app also allows users to see a doctor using the online chat feature (24 hours a day, 365 days), although this service is only available to paying members and users who have entered their AIRS results over the past three months.

In this service, doctors only provide general answers and advice regarding users’ state of health on the results of their AminoIndex tests, and provide advice for a healthy lifestyle, especially dietary recommendations.

However, the advice given by the doctors in the health consultation service is not for medical purposes such as medical examination, treatment and drug referral. Users should always consult an appropriate medical facility or consult a pharmacist if necessary.

The health consultation service is provided by Mediplat Co, a subsidiary of MedPeer.

According to Takako Fukuda, associate managing director of the AminoIndex department, the app hopes to increase people’s health knowledge and provide a source of motivation for making healthy lifestyle decisions.

Next steps

Ajinomoto will cover the cost of the Amazon gift certificates.

According to Fukuda, the company plans to expand the incentives to other e-commerce platforms and also plans to collaborate with companies to run this campaign.

The app is free to all users, but premium features require a paid subscription, priced at JPY 550 ($ 5) per month.

The app was first launched in April and rolled out its premium feature (health consultation service) in May. Although the number of users is confidential, Ajinomoto said its daily active user rate is over 50%.

We think it’s because the app is easy to use and fun for everyone“Said Fukuda.

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