Best Vitamins For Gut Health: “No Quick Fix” According To Dr Rupy – Eat These Foods

The symptoms of poor gut health can be incredibly uncomfortable. Plus, a healthy gut helps the body absorb all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Dr Rupy was asked about vitamins and their effect on the gut by

The medical expert, who recently discussed which vitamin D boosting vegetable to add to your diet to improve gut health, said: “I think the unfortunate answer for people is that there is no solution. miracle, it just does not exist. “

The best way to improve your gut health, Rupy said, is to eat a variety of foods.

“Diversity in your diet is the best way to support your germs,” he said.

“When I say diversity, one study found that 30 different types of plants in your diet per week improve your gut microbe population.”

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He explained that the recipes provide: “Three servings of fruits and vegetables per person, two servings per recipe and all using a single pot, so you can get almost 10 servings of fruit vegetables per day.”

He pointed out: “Getting as much variety as possible (is important) because your microbes thrive on interesting new pieces of food from various sources, so this is the best strategy, rather than individual vitamins.”

The doctor continued, “Your humble apple has this amazing orchestra of different macronutrients including vitamin C, beta keratin, but it also contains things like quercetin, pectins, all insoluble fiber that supports metabolism.

“A complete plant-based diet is the best vitamin.”

Dr. Rupy recently discussed mental health symptoms that could mean vitamin deficiency.

He said: “Magnesium, selenium, vitamin D, all of those have been linked in one way or another to poor mental functioning as well.”

Dr. Rupy focused on the importance of having enough vitamins in your diet to support good mental health.

He said, “The point is, you can get sufficient amounts of all of these things through diet.”

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