Customizable and nourished gummy vitamins add ADM postbiotic as an ingredient

Nourished customizable gummy vitamin brand is bringing a new ingredient option to customers: postbiotic ingredient HT-BPL1 from ADM (Chicago). HT-BPL1 is the heat-treated equivalent of ADM’s BPL1 Bifidobacterium lactis probiotic strain. According to ADM, studies show that HT-BPL1 offers some of the same benefits as its probiotic counterpart, including positive effects on metabolic health through reduced waistline.

HT-BPL1 is the first postbiotic ingredient that Nourished offers to its customers. “We only use ingredients that have scientific data to back up their benefits, so when I read the incredible research on HT-BPL1, I immediately knew it was a perfect match,” he said. Nourished Founder and CEO Melissa Snover said in a press release. “We are delighted to add it to our portfolio and to be able to continue to serve and help all of our customers who are looking for metabolic health solutions. Nourished offers 31 other vitamins, minerals and nutrients for customers to choose from.

ADM Ventures in an investor in Remedy Health, owner of the Nourished brand and a dietary supplement company specializing in 3D printing of personalized wellness products.

The postbiotic form of HT-BPL1 means the ingredient can withstand the harsh processing conditions involved in making a gummy supplement. “Postbiotics may offer similar benefits to probiotics, but as inanimate microorganisms they retain their stability under harsh processing conditions, which increases the versatility of applications,” the press release said. ADM. “HT-BPL1 is particularly suited to the 3D printing process used to create nourished vitamin stacks, a process that many probiotics would not survive. “

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