Do Hair Vitamins Work? Hair Growth Supplement Facts & Tips

We are going to be realistic with you here: it is a complicated subject. Hair growth and health are influenced by many factors, both internal and external. That being said, many people swear by vitamins and hair supplements to help support overall hair health. *

Now the theory behind hair supplements really boils down to internal structural support. Let’s explain: Hair is made of keratin, a type of protein that is made up of around 18 amino acids, including cysteine, proline, threonine, leucine, and arginine. And like most processes in the body, keratin production is strongly influenced by damage from free radicals and oxidative stress, both of which can be mitigated or neutralized by antioxidants. *

Okay, but do they work? Well, while key nutrients and bioactives may support hair synthesis and protection *, clinical studies using supplements in healthy populations are hard to come by. (You’ll find research on people with various nutritional deficiencies, but there isn’t a lot of published research on hair supplements for the average person.) And given that their mechanisms are more aimed at creating optimal conditions for hair loss. hair health, it is difficult to know how much they influence hair growth.

Not to mention: As with the effectiveness of any supplement, it comes down to the formulation. But that’s not to say that there isn’t strong anecdotal support for hair supplements: while peer-reviewed publications are ideal, there are plenty of anecdotal reports that have merit as well.

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