NZMP Expands Probiotic Applications to North American Market

Based on information gathered by the NZMP during the initial launch in 2019 and its clinical research exploring the health benefits of these strains, the ingredient brand said it continues to provide consumers with solutions to everyday problems. related to the intestines and immunity. NZMP’s probiotic strains have diversified the brand’s existing portfolio and new applications will enable new innovations while partnering with existing offerings.

Unique strains of NZMP Bifidobacterium animalissubspecies lactis HN019 (BifidoB HN019) and Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosusHN001 (LactoB HN001) has been clinically proven to provide consumers with benefits for digestive health and immunity, including improving the function of the intestinal barrier and reducing the risk of certain diseases, infections, and inflammation.

Isolated from the microbial cultures used in the manufacture of yogurt and cheese, these dairy-free strains have been developed to meet three criteria: to be safe, effective and stable. NZMP probiotic strains are suitable for a variety of applications, including ready-to-mix powdered drinks, supplements, chocolates, protein bars or coated snacks, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, fresh juices or beverages with fermented milk.

Fonterra marketed HN001 and HN019 in the 1990s and continues to own the brand. Over the decades, the accumulation of clinical evidence from a series of trials has led to a great deal of research on HN001 and HN019 in humans.

Human clinical evidence from all generations and from all markets gives NZMP an advantage when approaching US customers who often seek suppliers who can deliver clinically supported benefits to consumers. The NZMP said it continues to invest in research, giving customers confidence that these strains will help them differentiate themselves in the market as consumers become more informed about their food choices.

“NZMP’s Sports & Active Lifestyle unit has expanded its portfolio to include specialty ingredients complementary to core protein offerings, including milk phospholipids for mental well-being, milk minerals for bone health or lactoferrin for immunity ‘Said Victoria Lam, senior sports and active lifestyle marketing manager.

“Market trends tell us that consumers are increasingly looking for the health benefits of their foods and with over 90% of probiotic products making health claims in the United States, it makes sense to add probiotics to their food. food or beverage formats, which can carry various ingredients that are beneficial to health.

By expanding into specialty ingredients and targeting additional health benefits, the NZMP said it hopes to help its customers attract a wider range of consumers. This responds to the heightened awareness of immunity since Covid-19, where consumers have placed more emphasis on immunity solutions and more enjoyable and functional food and drink products.

“For a few years now, we have witnessed a rapid evolution in probiotic distribution formats, moving from simple supplements to ready-to-mix cereals, chocolates and powdered drinks, an area that we know very well from our business. protein.Said Chris Ireland, US Commercial Director of Probiotics, Sports and Active Living.

“Fonterra is traditionally a dairy company, which means we have complementary expertise in how probiotics can be combined with other ingredients in our portfolio for food and beverage applications. In fact, we are one of the few probiotic suppliers with evidence of the stability of probiotics for chocolates. “

The NZMP said it continues to explore how to get the most out of probiotic strains, including: testing new applications that would allow NZMP strains to expand into different spaces and categories; the use of external accreditations or certifications, such as verifying non-GMO projects or organic status, to generate better bonuses; explore how NZMP can combine its probiotics with other ingredients, either from the current portfolio or new innovations, to create unique formulations or discover where two ingredients could complement each other; and undertake clinical research to further develop the evidence for emerging health benefits.

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