People love this $ 16 night cream infused with vitamin C that boosts collagen production

There is nothing better than a skincare product that delivers the results it promises, except when it visibly improves your complexion while you sleep. Night creams are a proven beauty staple that adapts to your skin without fantasies. But not all are created equal; a competitor who gives the expression “beauty sleep” a new meaning is this vitamin C night cream with powerful anti-aging properties.


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A dermatologist explains why vitamin C is the magic ingredient.

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A dermatologist explains why vitamin C is the magic ingredient.

The hero ingredient in Derma E night cream, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens the skin and reduces dark spots, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Often found in serums, certified dermatologist Dr Kavita Mariwalla recount In the style that a night cream is also an effective way to apply the ingredient. “The idea behind this is that you are eliminating free radicals that occur during the day from UV exposure and pollution.”

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Buy now: $ 16 (originally $ 23),

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someone posing for the camera: BUY NOW $ 23 As the name suggests, Spot Treatments are products specially formulated to treat post-blemish marks on your skin tone.  So whether you are dealing with scars from rashes or damage from sun exposure, these targeted treatments can help you achieve an even and glowing complexion.  Hyperpigmentation can be the result of scarring caused by rashes, aging, and / or sun damage to the skin.  The marks left after a pimple goes away are called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and will fade over time.  You can use products that contain alpha hydroxy acids to help remove discolored skin cells faster.  However, dark spots caused by sun damage and aging are a bit more difficult to treat because they do not clear up on their own over time.  Wear an SPF daily and look for ingredients that fight melanin overproduction (which causes darker pigmentation), like hydroquinone, kojic acid, and vitamin C, to treat them.  Other ingredients like hydroxyl acids and retinol can also fight skin discoloration by speeding up the rate of cell turnover in your skin.  When cleansers, exfoliators, and moisturizers aren't enough to give your complexion the perfect shape, there are spot treatments formulated with concentrated active ingredients to help level things out.  They are usually applied after washing your face and are meant to be a targeted approach to dark spots.  There are many drugstore and online treatments available to help clear your acne scars faster, but knowing which active ingredient is right for you is half the battle.  For example, niacinamide is a great ingredient for lightening overall skin tone and treating active rashes, and vitamin C is a household name when it comes to lightening ingredients because it works so well and is found easily in products.  To find the right acne and dark spots treatment for your needs, keep reading.  - Additional reporting by Kalyn Womack

In addition to vitamin C, the cream contains rooibos, which Dr. Mariwalla says is a very underrated ingredient. “It has been used in pediatric populations for eczema and is a natural ingredient of plant origin that repairs the skin barrier and makes it more hydrated. It is also a very good antioxidant,” she notes.

Cream is supplemented with probiotics. These combine with rooibos in the formula to replenish the skin’s natural barrier, which helps vitamin C renew cell renewal, resulting in firm, glowing skin.

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With its impressive formula, we are not shocked that buyers love the cream. A Amazon reviewer said their “skin pretty much cleared up in just a week and a half” of use.

Another customer called him, “effective in reducing wrinkles.” They add: “I like this natural product because it is effective in softening and hydrating the face”

A buyer also said that the cream is a “good product for novice vitamin C users”, potentially making it a good option for those new to the ingredient. They added, “When I wake up in the morning there is a noticeable glow on my face and my skin is still very beautiful and even, which is why I keep using this product.”

This night cream is suitable for most skin types and many different concerns. Just apply a little before bed and let it Derma E night cream work its magic. Your skin will appear firmer, clearer and more radiant in the morning, especially with regular use. But hurry – grab yours while it’s on sale for $ 16 on Amazon now.

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