Save 20% on New Probiotic Phizz Good Guts That Boosts Your Immune System In Winter

The health brand Phizz creates innovative products that help with gut health and is used by professional UK sports teams including Liverpool and Leeds FC. The brand recently launched a new pre and probiotic daily capsule, Good Guts, with a special offer – find out more here.

The NHS says four in ten people have digestive issues, including bloating, IBS, indigestion, discomfort, etc.

Phizz Good Guts argues that the microbiome is a 12-strain multi-biotic.

Whether you’re suffering from bloating, indigestion, stomach aches, and discomfort, this probiotic helps support your digestive metabolism and relieve stomach pain.

Just take one tablet per day with your morning breakfast.

Daniel Cray, Co-Founder of Phizz, said: “Good Guts was born to streamline the complex and often confusing world of probiotics and offer a once-a-day solution, with additional immune support in the form of vitamin D and selenium.

Phizz Good Guts also has antioxidant properties and the vitamin D it contains helps in the maintenance of teeth, hair and nails.

Ideal for everyday use, it is the perfect solution for busy households and the tablet can also be split into a powder for those who have difficulty swallowing the pills.

Made from recycled materials, it’s vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Phizz is well known for their original 2-1 multivitamin hydration tablets which are available on Ocado.

Providing natural energy and hydration, it is used by professional sports teams such as Leeds and Liverpool FC and is available from just £ 4.99.

Buy Phizz products here.

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