Sprinklers with organic powder, pearl probiotic straws… BodyFirst from India on the functional food bonanza and fundraising campaign

The company has also set its sights on a Series A financing after its fiscal year end in March next year, said Sandeep Gupta, chief advisor at BodyFirst. NutraIngredients-Asia.

Gupta said COVID-19 has led to increased health awareness and increased use of dietary supplements. As such, the company has decided to launch functional foods that can provide nutrition and easily fit into the daily diet of consumers.

“Before the pandemic, knowledge and use of nutraceuticals was limited, although the use of nutraceuticals increased dramatically. [during the pandemic].

“Yet most of the population will be looking for something easy to adopt in their daily habits, their daily lifestyles. In such cases, functional foods and drinks are the right choice that they can use regularly ”, Gupta said.

Prior to the functional foods launch, the company had launched nutraceuticals such as ashwagandha and astaxanthin capsules, sports nutrition, and multivitamins.

From spice, herbs to nutra

One of the new launches is a line of organic powders that could be sprinkled on soups, smoothies, juices and salads to improve their nutritional profile.

There are currently four references in this range, namely tulsi, moringa, amla and triphala powder, which are also commonly used in Indian cuisine as spices and herbs. For example, amla is eaten as a fruit, while tulsi is eaten as a vegetable.

“These are generally known and used in India, but they are not available in the purest form, the organic form, or the easily accessible form so that people can use it easily.

“In addition, although these ingredients are known to consumers, the advantagesSuch ingredients are not so well known to ordinary people. Thus, BodyFirst tries to create awareness of the importance of these natural and organic ingredients which can be very beneficial if they use them regularly ”, Gupta said.

In the case of moringa, he pointed out that it is a rich source of B-complex vitamins, useful for maintaining immunity, hemoglobin levels and providing energy.

The recommended serving is about four to five sprinklers for each serving, according to Gupta.

Launched in September, the company plans to add eight to ten more references to this line, including wheatgrass sprinklers, pomegranate powder and DHA seaweed powder, which will be launched by the end of the year. March of next year.

He said the ingredients used in the powder sprinklers were selected based on their physical and chemical properties.

“Generally we will see the compatibility of these ingredients, from their physical properties to chemical properties, these will be technically tested and stabilized at all temperatures to ensure that they do not lose their [nutritional] value,” he said, adding that the powder came from Sumathi Organic, based in southern India.

Healthy breakfast and snacks

In addition to the sprinklers, the company has also launched three other new products that can be consumed for breakfast and as healthy snacks.

These are protein and fiber fortified bars known as MyCrunch and protein fortified peanut butter.

Launched in early October, each MyCrunch bar contains 12 grams of protein and four grams of fiber and is aimed at the general population and children, not just gym goers or athletes.

“It can be eaten at any time of the day, it can bridge the gap between meals and keep you full, so you don’t have to indulge in junk food and replace junk food with one. healthy protein bar. ” Gupta said.

bodyfirst MC_Banner 03

Asked about the level of acceptance of protein bars in India, he said there has been a surge of these products and they have in fact become “One of the fastest growing markets” in the countryside for a healthy snacking.

“It is creating a wave in the market, today India has seen a significant change in the habit of consuming nutrition and protein, I will say it is one of the fastest growing markets. fast in India to adopt good time snacking habits, ” he said, adding that the company would add new nutrients, in addition to protein, when developing new benchmarks.

The company also launched a peanut butter that contains 10 grams of protein per 32 grams of peanut butter.

He explained that this product is popular among gym goers and athletes and is also one of the fastest growing markets in India.

“We have developed a variety of protein products, from peanut butter to protein powder to protein crunch. Consumers can also choose products of different flavors, as our intention is that consumers have the choice of how they want to consume their protein. “

Feeding of children

On the other hand, the company also developed its first child nutrition product – a pearl probiotic straw known as My Straw.

Suitable for ages five and up, they can drink a cup of milk using this chocolate flavored pearl probiotic straw.

The probiotic beads will be consumed with the milk when children sip the milk from the food grade straw.

The probiotic used is bacillus coagulans and the company is considering adding a strawberry flavored version of the product.

“The concept behind this product is ‘no more to one more’, because we children have [at some point] says no to milk, but we want to encourage children to drink milk by giving them this probiotic pearl straw, so that they go from not wanting to drink milk to wanting one more glass of milk ”, Gupta explained.

Bodyfirst probiotic beads

On average, the company spent around six to a year developing these new products, and 80% of the products were developed by its in-house R&D team.

In the future, the company also intends to launch nutraceutical candies for children and to add seven to eight more references to the line of nutritional products for children.

Series A financing

After March of next year, the company plans to use its Series A funding to raise new funds for its product marketing and distribution activities.

The company is working to meet the target of US $ 35-40 million during the Series A funding.

The funds would be used to bring BodyFirst’s products across India, Gupta said.

Currently, the brand is available in modern shopping channels such as natural food stores Nature’s Basket, Reliance trade, Wellness Forever, Radha Medicals and Modern Bazaar.

It’s also available on ecommerce channels including Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, MyGate, Healthmug, as well as its own website.

The company aims to enter general trade channels such as grocery chains, following the Series A funding.

Currently, the company’s operations are funded by its investors, including famous fitness icon, Bollywood actor and serial entrepreneur Suniel Shetty, who is a key investor and ambassador for the company.

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