Vasayo launches Beléza Collagen, a multi-nutrient complex elixir optimized by advanced diffusion technology to promote beautiful skin

-As understanding and interest in the power of collagen in the beauty industry grows, Vasayo takes the category to another level with Beléza Collagen-

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, November 11, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Vasayo, LLC (, a leading supplier of nutritional and personal care products powered by Advanced delivery technology, officially launched the company’s newest addition to the Beléza beauty line: Beléza Collagen.

In the United States alone, consumers spent $ 293 million on collagen supplements in 2020 according to market research which predicts that the global market will reach $ 6.5 billion by 2025. The popularity of collagen for beauty and anti-aging purposes is booming, according to experts who note that collagen accounts for about 75% percent of our skin’s dry weight, providing the volume that makes the skin plump and keeps lines at bay. However, we break down collagen faster than our bodies can replace as we age.

Recent studies show promising results on the ability of collagen to improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin. However, supplements vary widely in their effectiveness and even in their safety. This is where the Beléza Collagen by Vasayo comes in. Developed under the supervision of Chief Scientific Advisor to Vasayo Tracy Gibbs, Beléza Collagen is a complex multi-nutrient formula that supports soft, supple and beautiful skin. As a unique blend of collagen, biotin, keratin, antioxidants and synergistic components such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, Beléza Collagen is a powerful formula that can keep skin glowing and healthy and has achieved a great success among the company’s brand partners and customers. in early use.

Beléza collagen and advanced delivery technology

One of the vital advantages of Beléza Collagen over other formulas is Vasayo Advanced delivery technology, which uses a proprietary micronization process to create ultra-micro collagen molecules for superior absorption. For maximum effectiveness in supporting beautiful skin (as well as hair, nails and joint function) studies have shown positive results for women starting at a dose of 2.5 mg per day for a period of 8 weeks and additional benefits after a period of approximately 12 weeks.

This is an area where Vasayo’s delivery technology provides additional feedback. While some providers recommend a cycle of 15 days per month of consecutive use followed by a two week break for ideal absorption, users of Beléza Collagen only need 10 days of consecutive use followed by a 20-day break before restarting the cycle.

It’s important to note that too much collagen as a beauty formulation (or a manufacturing process that introduces contaminants) could lead to negative side effects like swelling or allergic reactions or gastrointestinal upset. Yet, many (or even most) suppliers of collagen products advise taking full-dose collagen daily continuously or even forever. Some suppliers even advise taking two shots or servings a day, for good measure, which is perhaps the biggest negative side effect, unnecessary blow to consumers’ wallets.

The cost of Beléza Collagen, at 10 doses per month, is less than a third of the very popular subscription alternatives.

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About Vasayo

Vasayo is a private direct selling company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, which has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the World by the International Forum on Advances in Healthcare (IFAH) in June 2019. For enthusiasts who seek abundance in life, Vasayo creates products that promote well-being, enhance beauty and support daily renewal. Using company science, Vasayo maximizes nutrient delivery to the human body using liposomal technology and other advanced delivery systems. Through the company’s mission to bless a million lives, Vasayo empowers its brand partners to change the world. For more information visit and follow Vasayo on Facebook Where Instagram.

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