Vitamins are the best selling health supplements; Lactic acid popular among women

The expected effect varied depending on the type of health supplement. (image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, February 17 (Korea Bizwire)Among a variety of health supplements, vitamin supplements have been named the best-selling item in South Korea.

The state-owned Korea Agro ‑ Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. (aT) conducted an online survey of 800 local consumers, 76% of whom (multiple responses possible) said they had purchased vitamin supplements in the past, followed by red ginseng products. 68%, lactic acid and probiotics 63.8% and supplements containing omega 3, EPA and DHA 57.9%.

For women, purchase experience rates for lactic acid and probiotic products (44.4%), calcium products (44.4%), and collagen products (38.5%) were more than 10 percentage points higher than those of men.

As for the reason for purchasing health supplements, the largest portion of women (23.4%) cited concerns about physical health and immunity, while the largest portion of men (21.8%) %) mentioned their desire to maintain their health in the future.

The expected effect varied depending on the type of health supplement.

To boost immunity, respondents showed a preference for red ginseng products. Multivitamins were chosen to supplement nutrition, while lactic acid products were taken primarily to improve stomach health.

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