Weighing the Importance of Vitamins and Minerals in Maintaining Good Health Health care

Jane Ammeson, Times correspondent

Chicken soup may be good for your soul, but when it comes to your health, minerals and vitamins such as zinc and vitamin D are essential for your daily well-being as well as for the management of cold symptoms and possibly COVID-19, experts say. to say.

Zinc helps with the function of the metabolism, which converts what you eat and drink into energy, and the immune system.

“There is a well-established literature supporting zinc lozenges – not just a supplement pill – to reduce the duration and severity of upper respiratory infections such as the common cold and COVID-19,” says Dr Michael Hanak, family physician at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “We know it doesn’t work as well in children, but may decrease viral replication in adolescents and adults.”

But, Hanak notes that decreased viral replication does not equal cure, treatment, reduced transmission, or protection against serious disease.

“It offers an opportunity to reduce the severity of the disease and shorten its duration when taken at the onset of the disease,” he says.

“For adults, many studies have concluded that zinc can help reduce viral disease,” says Dr Thomas Wilkins, Community Care Network family medicine practitioner on staff at Munster Community Hospital and the St. Catherine’s Hospital in East Chicago. “Several studies have separately concluded that it can reduce the duration of illness by up to a third of symptom days. Take 80-95 mg per day, especially if within three days of symptom onset, has been on a sustained diet. Some studies have shown a benefit of 50 mg of zinc taken daily, he adds.

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